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Hudojnik: The Life and Art of Ivan I. Garikow

  Hudojnik: The Life and Art of Ivan I. Garikow
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Like a widely-acclaimed Russian novel, Ivan Garikow's (1918-1982) life story is one of hardship and hope, intrigue and suspense, misfortune and triumph, and setback and survival. It is a war story, a love story, a detective story, but most importantly, a story about a man and his art. This biography captures not only his stormy and tumultuous life in Europe and America, but also heralds Garikow's unyielding faith, indomitable courage, undaunted optimism and the love for his art. This book is the culmination of historical research, scholarly writing, and narrative nonfiction. More than one hundred images of Garikow's paintings are included. This visual gallery of fine art created by Repin Academy's classically-trained Russian artist Garikow was almost lost forever. When the lost collection was found, a family of paintings related by their intent study of what it means to be a member of humanity and how we relate to each other was also discovered. These works also ask timeless questions about what it means to be an artist, what is the nature of beauty, and what is the point of it all, anyway? Surely, influenced by Ilya Repin, Garikow depicts again and again, his own musings on life and art in an absolutely unique and thought-provoking collection, completely representative of the Twentieth Century.

Follow Ivan's Journey

  • One of the last classically-trained artists at prestigious Repin Academy where thousands applied and only a few were accepted.
  • Soviet soldier captured by the Nazi, Garikow spends the next four years in captivity, fighting to survive.
  • Garikow liberated by United States military is placed near Salzburg, Austria where he finds his freedom and gains artistic recognition as the city of Salzburg embraces his art.
  • In pursuit of the "American Dream," Ivan emigrates to the United States to find his fame and fortune.
  • Employed by Newman Art Galleries in Philadelphia, PA as a restorative painter, Garikow loves the freedom that comes with living in the "Land of Opportunity."
  • The "City of Brotherly Love" combined with Ivan's tragic flaw creates barriers that he never imagined.

Special Art Section Added:

A scholarly analysis of Garikow's paintings provide an academic perspective addressing influences on Garikow from Ilya Repin to Impressionism.

Praise for Hudojnik:

"Good command of facts and information here, and it's all presented with a strong tone of authority. The sense of history inherent in the piece helps a lot in capturing the reader. Your narrative voice is easy to read and projects a certain wisdom and reassurance."

- Tom Zeit, former editor-in-chief of The Artist's Magazine, the world's largest magazine for fine-art painters.

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