The Art of Ivan Garikow
Russian Painter & Artist, 1918-1982
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Ivan Garikow

Ivan Garikow:
Repin Academy Classically-trained Russian Artist

Now Available: Hudojnik: The Life and Art of Ivan I. Garikow

Welcome to the online art gallery featuring the life work of Ivan I. Garikow.

A classically trained artist from the original Repin Academy, Ivan's art work incorporates the entire realm of the human experience. Influenced by his time spent as a Nazi prisoner-of-war to his post-war days and nights in beautiful Salzburg, Austria where his artistic recognition and popularity were never stronger, Garikow seemed to find a balance in his life.

He wandered amongst us for almost 64 years, and when he departed this earth, he left behind a legacy of great historical importance. His life of strife seemed insurmountable; yet during his lifetime his art work was paramount to all else. His art was his gift to mankind.

The Garikow Collection, parallels his personal history that began on a small rural homestead in Belaya Glina, Russia to Repin Academy for his formal training. From there, he ended up a Nazi prisoner of war during the entire duration of WWII until United States military freed the remaining POWs and released the prisoners in Austria which was occupied by U.S. troops where they were safe.

The post war years in Salzburg gave rise to Ivan's artistic recognition and popularity. Eventually, he emigrated to the United States, "the land of opportunity," to find his fame and fortune. Although his work reminds us that life is not all roses and chocolate, Garikow symbolized the "American dream" for most immigrants, a chance of finding freedom and the hope of a new life in twentieth century America.

Ivan's art allows us to reflect upon our own existence. Reflections about life are universal and as valid today as they were during Ivan's life both before and after the World War II.

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